Bookkeeping Services

Our Bookkeeping services help your business operate smoothly without headaches! We help keep your company organized for you and Government Audits! Smart decisions can only be made with the most current information. We keep everything in order with our data/file management so you have access to updated records and reports instantly.

Our Services Include:

Daily Transaction | Journal Entries | Postings

Keep your books current with entries as they happen. Whether you want to send us your transactions daily
or weekly, we cater to your

Account Reconciliation

Have your Bank & Credit Cards accounts reconciled to ensure all transactions match the statements you receive and you don’t have unauthorized purchases or

Receipt Management

We have digital and physical systems in place to manage all your receipts. Everything is organized and backed up for easy access and government audits. Receipts must be kept for 7 years.

Data Analysis

We provide analytics services for all your needs to help you make more strategic decisions. With the raw data provided, we get you useful information
about your business.

Financial Statement Preparation

Reduce your Accountant filing costs with our end of year services. With all files and entries in order, your Accountant will be able to easily file your taxes without
the extra fees.

Business Consulting & Budgeting

Going through your business financial statements will help you budget for growth. We can help prepare your business for the next steps and determine the outcomes through cost analysis and budgeting.

HST Filing (Quarterly | Yearly)

Take the stress and headaches out of HST and Input Tax Credits. We can file your Quarterly or Yearly returns online.

IFTA | NY HUT Filing

Take the hassle out of filing your IFTA & NY HUT. We complete your quarterly filings to save you time and money!

WSIB Premiums & Claims

Quarterly filings can be easily forgotten with all the other aspects of running a business. If you have employees that work for you, WSIB coverage is a must! We help file insurance claims and premiums so you are and your employees are covered from work related injuries.

Talk To A Bookkeeping Expert

A bookkeeping expert will contact you during business hours to discuss your needs.